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Welcome to The Belmont Art Club 

Want to chat with other artists in your area?

Please join us. This is how:

1) download an App: WeChat to your smart phone.

2) add contact by typing in WeChat ID : danielniestudio  then send a message to us.

3) after we receive your message, we will invite you to Belmont Art Club chat-room, and from that point on you can chat with other members, share images of your artworks, and invite your new friends, etc.

(If you have questions, please send your email to:



We welcome you to participate our online show.


name of the artist in the show will be listed in alphabetical order.

each name is a link to the artist's "booth" where you will see all the information about each works and the artist's contact. If visitors are interested to purchase any of the artworks, they need to contact the artist directly. Daniel Nie, the host of this site, is not responsible for any transitions or collecting taxes, etc.

to see a sample of artist's booth click here




About this Clubhouse:

This web site is our virtual Clubhouse. In here, you can visit our  Online Exhibition, Gift Shop, meet our members, and you are welcome to join the club. This online clubhouse is a place where our members can visit each other and exchange ideas at anytime they wish -- day or night.

Each link is like a room. There is an "Information Desk" here and there to help you conduct a self-guided tour to this online clubhouse. We hope you will enjoy looking around. We also would like you to sign our Guestbook. While you are signing our guestbook please be sure to tell us your email address so we can send you our newsletters to keep you informed. We do not sell your information or Spam.  


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